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Homeland in the Heights


Cím Homeland in the Heights
Alcím An Anthology of Post-World War II Hungarian Poetry
Kiadó Eötvös József Könyvkiadó
Kiadás éve 2000
Terjedelem 260 oldal
Formátum B/5, ragasztókötött
ISBN 963 9024 88 0
Eredeti ár:
2.355 Ft
2.237 Ft
Online kedvezmény: 5%

A II. világháború utáni magyar költészet antológiája angol nyelven.


This anthology reflects the Hungarian intellectual, psychological, emotional landscape in the decades after the second World War. Hungary, having been dismembered after World War I, with two thirds of its territory and one third of its population distributed among neighbouring countries, never recovered from those losses. Communist dictatorship in the truncated Hungary, totalitarianism combined with apartheid and cultural genocide of the Hungarians in most of the neighbouring countries produced a tragic and . anguished poetry with a sharpened sense of history, identily and moral responsibility, both individual and communal. This selection, although by no means comprehensive, is highly representative. It presents a very few prominent poets of the period and offers an insight into the variety of poetic voices, tradilional and avant-garde, lyrical and grotesque-satirical, playful and deeply troubled, phl1osophical, secular and religious. Whereas other recent anthologies embrace a very long period (for example the whole of the twentieth century), including only a few poems by a large number of poets or ignore Hungarian poets condemned to living in ethnic minority, this volume allows the reader to immerse him- or herself in the special voice of each poet while also giving a glimpse of a few outstanding features of Hungarian cultural and poe tic tradition in side and outside the present political borders.
The scholarly introduction by the editor, Csilla Bertha at Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen and Zoltán Bertha, literary historian from Gáspár Károli University Budapest, offers a guide to the major movements in Hungarian culture of the time as well as to the individual poets.
Szerkesztette: Bertha Csilla